Kate, Woman Of Steels, Crosses Catalina

Kate, Woman Of Steels, Crosses Catalina

Kate Steels knocked off yet another major swim in her prolific career. The 2021 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year who previously completed the Ice Sevens and, with a 12 hour 12 minute crossing of the Catalina Channel yesterday, has now completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

She thanked those who help complete her Catalina Channel crossing including the observers Mark Miller and Jill Hanson, kayakers Dave Sundias and Michelle Marquez, Pacific Star pilot and boat crew, and Rory Fitzgerald.

She explained, “The conditions were great for most of the swim, but the last few hours were tough. I ended up getting dumped on the beach by a large rogue surf wave which was very scary. Swimming through the night was fine – but long and tiring. I hadn’t been able to sleep during the day.

The [bioluminescence] was super cool. At [my] feeds, I could see the stars shining out through the clouds. The boat crew was entertained by wildlife. Apparently a sea lion followed me off Catalina Island and dolphins were spotted at sunrise, all oblivious to me.”

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation lauded her achievement and the selfless British star, “In 2021, Kate Was selected as the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the year. As an athlete, Steels achieved the Ice Sevens that required her to complete seven different Ice Miles in Europe, Oceania, Asia, North America, Africa, South America, a Polar location including a Zero Ice Mile – and she also was inducted in the IISA Hall of Fame and raised money for suicide prevention. As an administrator, she concurrently serves as the Chairperson of the International Ice Swimming Association Great Britain. As a board member, she serves as the Secretary for the International Ice Swimming Association.

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