Kathie Hewko Plans On A 100th Crossing In 2016

Kathie Hewko Plans On A 100th Crossing In 2016

Kathie Hewko is still on track to swim 100 times across (i.e., underneath) the Golden Gate Bridge. “I am still on my quest to reach my 100th swim across and under the Golden Gate Bridge by 2016 near my 70th birthday,” says the personable real estate agent. “Tides permitting.”

This year, she did 3 crossings to bring her current total to 91. “I did my 90th on October 29th, 38 consecutive years.”

Every crossing presents a logistical challenge. “Almost always we have to wait or go after the tanker traffic has gone by. This time, we were cleared to jump off the boat by vessel traffic. About three-quarters through the swim, my friend in the kayak yelled, ‘Swim very fast – there’s a cargo ship coming right towards us.’

Bob Roper, my Golden Gate Bridge guru, talked to the ship pilot and they actually turned the tanker sideways to help slow it down, very rare. We all made it across in time. The sthip still looks massive when it is three-quarters of a mile away

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