Katie Benoit Has An Excellent Swim Day

Katie Benoit Has An Excellent Swim Day

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Biathlon marathons are tough. Swim at least 10 km and run at least 42 km – it is not an easy feat no matter what the venue.

Either way is tough: the first leg, either running or swimming, is undoubtedly tiring and taxing.

If the water is warm, then the air is usually also warm making the swim easier, but the run harder. Conversely, if the water is cold, then the run is easier, but the swim harder. Marathon biathlons are just plain difficult all the way around.

But when endurance athletes like Darren Miller and Katie Benoit venture past the shoreline and make marathon biathlon attempts, it is an undeniably difficult choice of activity.

Benoit took off on her first leg, a swim crossing of Lake Memphremagog at In Search of Memphre with the goal to run back. 15 hours 25 minutes later, she finished the first leg. But the 25 miles took a toll on her. “I was chilly at night and had to pick up the pace. Sarah Thomas would probably be ‘uncomfortably warm’. I got super tired around 5-6 am and again needed to pick it.

But I wasn’t able to keep any reserves at all and swam all out. The 15 hour 25 minute [crossing] was good for me and my second longest swim ever [after Kaiwi Channel in Hawaii]

Her goal of running back had to put on hold. “I couldn’t really stand or bend my legs so figured I will let go of the idea.”

But just because she didn’t remove her goggles to lace up her running shoes didn’t mean she didn’t have a good day. “It was an excellent swim day for me.”

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