Katie Grimes Wins First National 10K Championship Title in Florida

Katie Grimes Wins First National 10K Championship Title in Florida

Over the last two decades, there have been many great open water races in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This past weekend was no exception at the USA Swimming Open Water National and Junior Championships between April 1st – 3rd.

On Day One, the winds picked up and created turgid conditions. But young 16-year-old Olympian Katie Grimes took the turbulence with a grain of salt(water). She won comfortably with 70 seconds to spare.

Grimes told USA Swimming, “I really had a good time out there today, the conditions were a little rough but I’m learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I was swimming with a ton of girls so I was really happy with the outcome and I’m excited for the next race. The tide was really strong and the wind was making it really choppy, but like I said, it is just about being comfortable with being uncomfortable, learning to adjust your stroke and adapting each lap to the new challenges.”

Grimes leads the top 6 American finishers who qualified for the USA Swimming Open Water Swimming National Team.

Second-place Mariah Denigan was clearly happy when she described the race to USA Swimming, “This is everything that I’ve dreamed of. I just got back from a back injury, I was out of the water before Big 10’s, so I’m just so happy that I could build back up and get back here and get my hand on the wall second.”

Women’s 10 km National Championship Results:

  1. Kathryn Grimes, Sandpipers of Nevada, 2:16:40
  2. Mariah Denigan, Indiana University, 2:17:50
  3. Caroline Jouisse, France, 2:18:34
  4. Aurélie Muller,,France, 2:21:01
  5. Summer Smith, University of Tennessee, 2:21:07
  6. Caroline Pou, France, 2:21:44
  7. Anna Auld, Unattached, 2:21:50
  8. Kensey McMahon, University of Alabama Swim Club, 2:22:00
  9. Brooke Travis, NC State University, 2:25:51
  10. Blair Stoneburg, Treasure Coast Aquatics, 2:26:58
  11. Chase Travis, Virginia Tech, 2:27:35
  12. Mary McKenna, Long Island Express, 2:32:00
  13. Cadence Rose, Fort Gulf Coast Swim Team, 2:39:00
  14. Julissa Arzave, Tritons Aquatic Club, 2:47:09
  15. Carlie Rose, Blue Dolfins, 2:47:34
  16. Jenna Hendrickson, Wheaton Swim Club, 3:05:45
  17. DNF Erica Sullivan, University of Texas
  18. DNF Leah Degeorge, Unattached
  19. DNF Sanna Peterson, Nova of Virginia
  20. DNF Marin Rose, Blue Dolfins

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