Katie Grimes Wins Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup in Lake Las Vegas Today

Katie Grimes Wins Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup in Lake Las Vegas Today

Similar to her 2020 Tokyo Olympic teammate Michael Brinegar, 15-year-old Katie Grimes very comfortably won the 10 km Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup in Lake Las Vegas over Brooke Travis and Mariah Denigan. Earlier this year in Tokyo, Grimes represented Team USA in the 800m freestyle events in Tokyo finishing 4th.

Earlier this week, the City of Las Vegas recognized Grimes and her fellow Sandpipers of Nevada Olympians Bella Sims (shown on right above with Grimes on left), Bowe Becker, and Erica Sullivan and gave them all keys to the city.

The 2021-2022 USA National Open Water Swimming team was selected from the Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup. The roster is active from November 1st 2021 to May 1st 2022. The USA national team includes the top five men and women from today’s 10 km race. Although the USA national team is led by Olympic veterans, Haley Anderson and Ashley Twichell, the team is the least experienced in two quadrennials with Denigan and Stoneburg qualifying for their second national team and Grimes, Travis and DeGeorge qualifying for their first national open water team.

1. Katie Grimes (15) 1:56:23.87
2. Brooke Travis (21) 1:57:11.45
3. Mariah Denigan (18) 1:57:59.35
4. Leah DeGeorge (20) 1:58:04.13
5. Abby Dunford (15) 2:03:08.97
6. Blair Stoneburg (17) 2:05:17.29
7. Hildegard George (45) 2:05:19.42
8. Julissa Arzave (20) 2:05:38.50
9. Carlie Rose (19) 2:06:16.78
10. Cadence Fort (16) 2:07:24.26
11. Brynn Stoneburg (15) 2:10:45.05
12. Erin Miller (16) 2:11:08.25
13. Samantha Hamilton (15) 2:12:31.17
14. Savannah Du Puis (23) 2:17:19.96
15. Audrey Repko (17) 2:19:46.17

Steven Munatones observed “Katie Grimes, of course, is another outstanding swimmer who trains under Ron Aitken of the Sandpipers of Nevada. Mariah Denigan is from Indiana University which started its powerful marathon swimming tradition with John Kinsella, Bill Heiss and James Kegley in the 1970’s. Brook Travis from Newark, Delaware and North Carolina State, Leah DeGeorge from Jacksonville, Florida and the University of Florida, and Blair Stoneburg from Jensen Beach, Florida and Treasure Coast Aquatics are all swimmers from the Eastern Seaboard.”

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