Katie Grimes Wins National Open Water Title #3 in the 7.5K

Katie Grimes Wins National Open Water Title #3 in the 7.5K

Over the last two decades, there have been many great open water races in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This past weekend was no exception at the USA Swimming Open Water National and Junior Championships between April 1st – 3rd.

On Day Three of the three-day championship event, swimmers representing the present and the future of USA Swimming open water swimming were featured.

Teammates from the Sandpipers of Nevada on both the girl’s and boy’s sides dominated the Junior 7.5 km race – especially 2020 Olympian Katie Grimes who won by nearly 3 minutes over second-place Claire Stuhlmacher and a rather spread-out field.

The Junior 7.5 km national titles went to Grimes and her teammate Ilya Kharun. This was Grimes third national title of her career. She told USA Swimming, “I love open water. I love this event and I love coming out here to compete against these awesome girls. I’m really happy with how this weekend went and I’m excited for the next open water event.” 

Girl’s 7.5 km National Championship Results:

  1. Kathryn Grimes, Sandpipers of Nevada, 1:41:44
  2. Claire Stuhlmacher, Unattached, 1:44:28
  3. Mary McKenna, Long Island Express, 1:45:44
  4. Sofia Giordano, Long Island Aquatic Club, 1:46:41
  5. Elsa Fullerton, Loveland Swim Club, 1:46:42
  6. Kaimakana Flanagan, Kamehameha Swim Club, 1:46:43
  7. Courtney Watts, Machine Aquatics, 1:47:56
  8. Cadence Fort, Gulf Coast Swim Team, 1:48:21
  9. Erin Miller, Saint Andrew’s Aquatics, 1:49:29
  10. Brynn Stoneburg, Treasure Coast Aquatics, 1:49:31
  11. Alyssa Martel, Occoquan Swimming, 1:49:32
  12. Sianna Savarda, Sandpipers of Nevada, 1:50:36
  13. Cassidy Schneider, Lake Oswego Swim Club, 1:52:12
  14. Miko Baron, Rancho San Dieguito, 1:52:25
  15. Skylar Bruner, Hilton Head Aquatics-SC, 1:53:48
  16. Malanie Marinel Cortez, Fishers Area Swim, 1:54:04
  17. Amelie Ogilby, Team Sopris Swimming, 1:54:48
  18. Belise Swartwood, Kamehameha Swim Club, 1:54:50
  19. Isabelle Wilson, South Florida Aquatic Club, 1:55:56
  20. Samantha Hamilton, Unattached, 1:56:08
  21. Erin Dehollander, Victor Swim Club, 1:57:52
  22. Lexi Carey, Unattached, 1:58:46
  23. Sloan Zallen, Loveland Swim Club, 1:59:24
  24. Keira Reid, Nova of Virginia, 2:03:16

For more information on the 2022 USA Swimming Open Water National & Junior Championships, visit here

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