Keeping Alive The Lifeguard Legacy Of John T. Goudy

Keeping Alive The Lifeguard Legacy Of John T. Goudy

At the 44th annual John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races, ocean swimmer Bruckner Chase tried something new.

It was a steep learning curve in my first South Jersey rescue race. It was a 200-meter swim to the flag. Then you clip on a 50-pound bag and bring it into shore.”

Indeed, the summertime event is a great training competition and showcase for the local lifeguards. The Goudy Rescue Races are quick and intense sprints, just like a real beach rescue, and a far cry from the longer marathon swims that Chase usually does. But the races showcase the skills necessary for competent ocean lifeguards.

John T. Goudy (1911-1967) was a long-time U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer and World War II hero. The John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races give tribute to his legacy and include doubles surfboat rescue, the individual swim rescue, the combination rescue (with a crew and a swimmer), and the individual surfboat rescue.

Photos of Team Dorney that includes watermen and waterwomen ages 17-65 from New Jersey to Florida, courtesy of waterman Bruckner Chase.

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