Kelley Prebil, Swimming With A Purpose

Kelley Prebil, Swimming With A Purpose

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kelley Prebil is getting prepared for the David Yudovin Memorial Relay Teams that will cross the Catalina Channel in 39 days.

We are jumping [from Catalina Island] around midnight and will not stop until we reach the shores of Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro. All in the name of raising funds for the City of Hope’s cancer research fund.

On July 21st, 3 weeks before my own Catalina Channel solo swim, I will be paying homage to one of the greatest marathon swimmers, David Yudovin, as part of the David Yudovin Memorial Relay Team. David was a world-class marathon swimmer and a motivational speaker second to none. He had envisioned a relay swim across the Catalina Channel to raise funds for Swim Across America which uses swimming events to raise funds for cancer research and treatments.

He passed away unexpectantly in 2015 and his widow [Beth] has asked us to carry out his work in his memory. I am deeply honored to be a part.

I swim not only for David, but for all those who have touched my life who have lost or continue to fight their cancer battles

The participants of the relays included leader Dan Simonelli and Fiona Goh, Tom Hale, Carol Hayden, Lynn Kubasek, Scott Lautman, Cat Moore, Eric Paine, Russ Parker (a leukemia survivor who received treatment from City of Hope), Robert Philipson, Kelley Prebil, Theo Schmeeckle, Paula Selby, Susanne Simpson, Carol Sing, Trevor Stanco, Saffron Stelea, Wendy Theders, Audrey Viers, and John York.

For more information on Prebil’s purpose, visit here. To donate to the cause, visit here or send a check to Swim Across America, One International Place, Suite 4600, Boston, MA 02110.

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