Kelp Jerky: The Superfood Snack from the Sea

Courtesy of AKUA, Kickstarter.

Over 10,000 types of seaweed exist in the world’s oceans, all consisting of vitamins, minerals and omegas.

New York-based AKUA created its first product, Kelp Jerky, that is being launched and raising start-up funds on Kickstarter.

Founder Courtney Boyd Myers explains, “At AKUA, we’re creating food in the right way – healthy and delicious with a positive impact on the planet. This year, we’re launching a new wave of plant-based cuisine made from sustainably harvested ocean seagreens. We aim to change your perception of sustainable seafood by working with the plants that grow just beyond every shoreline in the world.

Seaweed farming has the potential to be the most sustainable form of agriculture on the planet. It requires no fresh water, no land, no deforestation, and no feed or fertilizer to grow

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Steven Munatones