Kentucky and Ohio, Sharing The Open Water

Kentucky and Ohio, Sharing The Open Water

Tomorrow is a dual state championship – with the best swimmers from the state of Ohio and the neighboring state of Kentucky where 419 athletes from both states are participating in this mid-week championship.

In addition to the swimmers, a number of officials from both states have passed the Open Water Officials test and will be apprenticing at the championships to complete their Open Water Certification.

The dual championships will be held in the East Fork Lake State Park.

Chip Carrigan explained, “We have taken the Kentucky local swim committee under our wings for their first Open Water Championship, to share our experience with the expectation that they will eventually host their own Open Water Championship in Kentucky in the future. We will swim together, but score separately, and have separate awards and award ceremonies.”

Sharing and caring…the camaraderie and collegiality of open water swimming crosses (state) borders.

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