Kerry Kopke, Mermaid At Heart

Kerry Kopke, Mermaid At Heart

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kerry Kopke is the new head of the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association (CLDSA), taking over from Andrew Chin in November 2020.

Chin said, “Kerry has a great committee to support her in the efforts to move to CLDSA forward as the leading open water swimming body in South Africa.”

The life and business coach has a blog where she shares stories of her travels, activities and lifestyle hacks. “The blog has been a great outlet for my creativity and passion for writing, but at the same time has allowed me to connect with more people in different ways. After working with my own coach, I identified that my life purpose was tocreate opportunities for others to forge their own paths and push limitations intellectually, with purpose and with a sense of adventure.’

With the advent of rapidly changing technology, the world of work as we know it and traditional career paths are changing.  More importantly, the definition of success has radically shifted from a universal concept to a very individualistic one. I am grateful for my studies and experience of being a corporate lawyer to give me a solid business and corporate background and the ability to support myself. I am so appreciative that I have also been able to engage in non-profit work and the world of blogging and social media to expand my horizons of possibility. I feel like I am forging my own unique path and challenging previously conceived ideas of how life and work is supposed to look.”

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