Kevin Murphy, Going For A Little Dip

Kevin Murphy, Going For A Little Dip

Open Water Wednesday welcomed International Swimming Hall of Fame and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Kevin Murphy to its online studios today.

His interview is riveting, educational and frankly shocking in its frankness and uniqueness.

Going for a little dip, this is the motto of Kevin Murphy. But it is tantamount to an astronaut on a lunar mission saying he is going for a little flight.

“…In Loch Ness, I went unconscious for six hours because I went down in fact…when I am actually swimming, I hate it when I am in there. I spend the entire time thinking, ‘What am I doing here and when can I get out?'” What I enjoy is finishing.”

These tidbits of information and insights to the character and motivations of Kevin Murphy are a joy to hear for every open water swimmer:

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Steven Munatones