Kieron Palframan, 5 Done, 2 To Go In The Oceans Seven

Kieron Palframan, 5 Done, 2 To Go In The Oceans Seven

Courtesy of WOWSA, Cook Strait, New Zealand.

Kieron Palframan of South Africa was well-deservedly named one of the World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Men for very good reason for an aquatic career that has spanned the globe.

The 44-year-old from Cape Town is an Iron Iceman and Ice Zero Swimmer with 4 Ice Miles done during this career. The extreme swimmer has also completed five Oceans Seven channels including the Cook Strait this week.

He has also swum in the Beagle Channel, the Strait of Magellan, Cape Horn, Antarctic, Murmansk, Russia, Cape Point, Robben Island and Fraserburg, South Africa, the North Channel, the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Catalina Channel with undoubtedly many more to come.

Cook Straits is now done, a place of all seasons in one day. [I was] spoiled with dolphins and calm second half waters. Time now to enjoy this beautiful country.”

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