Kim Chambers Loving Her Journey

Kim Chambers Loving Her Journey

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kimberley Chambers of New Zealand completed her sixth Oceans Seven channel this week in a quick 9 hours 38 minutes.

As she was closing in on Hokkaido, the currents and eddies pushed her far east for the last two hours. “I was expecting this, but man, those currents were strong. The swim streamer was at a right angle to the boat [then].”

But her strategy was spot on. “My shoulders are oddly sore, but I am sure that is because i started out of the gate as fast as I could because I was worried about the [Tsugaru] current. [In contrast] I spent the first 3 hours slow and steady in the English Channel and Catalina. But overall, I am in much better shape than [after completing] the Molokai Channel [in 19 hours 27 minutes].”

One thing that we have observed is that Chambers is getting stronger and faster as she climbs up the Oceans Seven chart. “I am trying my best. And simply loving the personal journey and seeing how far I can push my mind and my body. I have many more swims to do.”

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