Kim Swims Kicks It All Off In San Francisco

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Golden Gate Award-winning film KIM SWIMS kicks off the 15th International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco, California tomorrow.

Filmmaker Kate Webber and KIM SWIMS protogonist Kimberley Chambers will be celebrated at the welcome party and be available to answer questions during the opening night festivities at the Fort Mason Center.

KIM SWIMS has been invited to be the opening night film at this year’s 15th annual festival beginning on March 8th,” says Webber, its director and film visionary.

Not only is the International Ocean Film Festival a very special festival dedicated to all things ocean, but that day also happens to be International Women’s Day, a global day that celebrates the achievements of all women, and underscores the need for programs dedicated to gender parity,” said Webber, KIM SWIMS’ director and film visionary.

There will also be four panel discussions with filmmakers, ocean scientists, and artists participating in a variety of ocean-related topics, and a special appearance by Lynne Cox.

The free panel discussions are open to the public on March 10th and 11th between the film programs and are held at The Firehouse at Fort Mason Center. The panel discussions include the following:

Panel 1: Climate Change with panelists Jaime Jahncke, Ph.D. (California Current Director, Point Blue Conservation Science), Annaliese Hettinger (National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory) and Sara Hutto (Ocean Climate Program Coordinator for Greater Farallones Association)

Panel 2: Citizen Science, How Non-Scientists Can Help Turn The Tide For Conservation with moderator David McGuire (Shark Stewards Founder and Director) and panelists Abby Nickels (Greater Farallones Association, Long-Term Monitoring Program & Experimental Training for Students), Mary Jane Schramm (Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, media & public outreach specialist), Morgan Patton (Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, executive director), Paul Hobi (Seabird Protection Network, program manager), and Bill Keener (Golden Gate Cetacean Research, marine biologist)

Panel 3: Ocean Tech, How Cool Technology Is Saving The Ocean with moderator Andrew Kornblatt (Online Ocean Symposium CEO and founder) with panelists Kakani Katija (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, principal engineer), Natasha Benjamin (Marine Applied Research & Exploration, director of outreach, policy & education), and David Lang (Open ROV)

Panel 4: Women In Ocean Science with moderator Dr. Karina Nielsen (Estuary & Ocean Science Center, San Francisco State University) with panelists Erica Cirino (International Science Writer & Artist), Monica Medina (Publisher & Founder of Our Daily Planet), Emily Pidgeon (Conservation International)

The films that will be shown at the festival between March 8th and 11th include the following:

Program 1 on March 8th
* She Is the Ocean (Russia) Inna Blokhina

Program 2 on March 8th
* Stars (USA) Han Zhang
* KIM SWIMS Kate Webber and David Orr, winner of the 2018 Golden Gate Award with special guest Kimberley Chambers

Program 3 on March 9th
* Melting Stars (Canada) Kate Green
* The Hundred-Year-Old Whale (Canada) Mark Leiren-Young
* Blue (Australia) Karina Holden

Program 4 on March 9th
* Nonoy and the Sea Monster (Austria) Florian Kozák in Kiel, Germany (San Francisco’s sister city)
* The Amazing Lifecycle of the European Eel (UK) Sofia Castelló y Tickell
* Bon Voyage (Switzerland) Marc Wilkins
* Lionfish: New Pirates of the Caribbean (Germany) Ulf Marquardt, winner of the 2018 Director’s Award

Program 5 – Surfing Program on March 9th
* Cuban Wave Riders (USA), Liz Magee & Taylor McNulty
* Reefs at Risk (USA) Malina Fagan, winner of the 2018 Environment Award
* The Agave Gun (USA/Mexico) Ross Haines, winner of the 2018 Short Award
* The Big Wave Project (Australia) Tim Bonython

Program 6 on March 10th
* Art for a Sea Change (USA) John Quigley
* A Herring Opera (USA) Tessa Schmidt
* Chiripajas (Russia/Spain) Olga Poliektova & Jaume Quiles, winner of the 2018 Animation Award
* Irreparable Harm (USA) Colin Arisman & Connor Gallagher
* Straws (USA) Linda Booker
* Return of the Harbor Porpoises (USA) Jim Sugar, winner of the 2018 Citizen Science Award
* Panel Discussion on Climate Change

Program 7 – Shark Program on March 10th
* Shark Wedding (USA) Andrew Wegst
* Dedicate: Diving Free (Norway) Shams
* Seeking Sanctuary (UK) Nick Jones, winner of the 2018 Conservation Award
* The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles (Australia) Dof Dickinson
* Islands from Mexico: Revillagigedo Archipelago (Mexico) Daniela Paasch
* Panel discussion on Citizen Science: How Non-Scientists Can Help Turn the Tide for Conservation

Program 8 on March 10th
* 68 Voices (Mexico) Gabriela Badillo
* These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach (USA) Joshua Cassidy
* Reefs at Risk (USA) Malina Fagan, winner of the 2018 Environment Award
* Adaptation Bangladesh: Sea Level Rise (USA/Bangladesh) Justin DeShields & Katie Nicolova
* Touched by the Ocean (Latvia) Laura Rožkalne-Ozola & Sandijs Semjonovs, winner of the 2018 Adventure Award

Program 9 on March 10th
* From the Shadows (Spain) Jacques de Vos
* Oceanic Aliens (USA) Mike Johnson
* The Islands and the Whales (UK) Mike Day, winner of the 2018 Coastal Culture Award

PROGRAM 10 on March 11th, Student Film Competition
* Panel discussion on Technology & ROVs

Program 11 on March 11th
* Water, Blood and Spermaceti (USA) Nicholas Dean & Cheryl Dean
* Souls of the Vermilion Sea (USA) Matthew Podolsky
* Mexican Fishing Bats (Canada) Meigan Henry
* Fishpeople (USA) Keith Malloy with special guest Lynne Cox
* Panel discussion on Women in Ocean Science

Program 12 on March 11th
* How Do Pelicans Survive Their Death-Defying Dives? (USA) Elliott Kennerson
* Albatross (USA) Chris Jordan, winner of the 2018 Wildlife Award

Program 13 on March 11th
* Bon Voyage (Switzerland) Mark Wilkerson
* Big Pacific (New Zealand) Samantha McKegg & Samantha Young

Program 14 on March 11th
* One Breath: A Life Without Gravity (UK) Sebastian Solberg
* Dive to Be Alive (Germany) Florian Fischer
* Dedicate: Diving Free (Norway) Shams
* Alice in Borneo’s Wonderland (USA) David McGuire
* Patterns of the Ocean: Protecting Indonesia’s Manta Rays (Germany) Hendrik & Claudia Schmitt

Program 15 on March 11th
* Chiripajas (Russia/Spain) Olga Poliektova & Jaume Quiles, winner of the 2018 Animation Award
* Dedicate: Diving Free (Norway) Shams
* Reefs at Risk (USA) Malina Fagan, winner of the 2018 Environment Award
* The Story of Force Blue (USA) Sara & Bobby Sheehan with Rudy Reyes, co-founder & director, Force Blue

To purchase tickets to this year’s International Ocean Film Festival, visit here.

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