Kirsten Read Draws Ned Denison's View Of The Open Water World

Kirsten Read Draws Ned Denison’s View Of The Open Water World

Courtesy of Kirsten Read, Kennebunk, Maine.

Kirsten Read from Kennebunk, Maine runs KGR Coaching, an open water swimming coaching program [see here].

The competitive swimmer, collegiate rower, and artist has talents and creativity that go well beyond her coaching and open water swimming (she has won races from the Peaks to Portland Swim to the Nubble Light Challenge). As she explains, “I grew up age group swimming in western Massachusetts, eventually won High School State Championships in three events as a sophomore, and went on to swim and row at Brown University. I am now an avid open water swimmer. I am excited about sharing my 10 years of open water expertise with anyone who would like to learn how to unlock their potential for swimming smarter and faster.

Ned Denison from Cork, Ireland suggested that Read take her artistic skills and adapt it to the open water based on a concept that was developed by the New Yorker Magazine [see above]. Denison centers his view of the open water swimming world on his favorite backyard swimming venue, Sandycove Island.

Read has created other open water swimming art here, too:

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