Kobadi's Daily Distances In The Persian Gulf

Kobadi’s Daily Distances In The Persian Gulf

Mohammad Hossein Bibi Kobadi continues to forge on day by day in his 100-day 1000K stage swim in the Persian Gulf.

Kobadi and his support team have traversed the following daily distances: 21.16K, 15.84K, 9.8K, 0.21K, 0.27K, 0.39K, 18.2K, 14.3K, 15.7K, 18.6K, 14.2K, 14.5K, 23.3K, 0.21K, 0.71K, 3.18K, 0.32K, 18.9K, 14.6K, 18.6K, 14.3K, 2.91K, 0.23K, 0.53K, 20.6K, 17.1K, 21.6K, 25.9K, 14.6K, 7.64K, 7.84K, 4.85K, 3.38K, 11.8K, 15.8K, 14.9K, 14.7K, 7.26K, 0.8K, 8.48K, 27.9K, 16.2K, 29.5K, 34.4K, 17.7K, 10.4K, 11.8K, 11.1K, 5.1K, 4.2K and 16.4K.

His latest 16.4K stage swim took 6 hours around Nakhilo Island and Jobrain island in the Bord-e-khon region in the jellyfish-strewn 18°C water – which puts him ahead of schedule despite some days cut short by a variety of factors.

He will make some adjustments in his distances in order to stay ahead of schedule.

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