Kosatka DV, Swimming With The Orcas

Kosatka DV, Swimming With The Orcas

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kosatka means orca or toothed whales in the Russian language.

A winter swimming center and club called Kosatka DV in Vladivostok was founded by Oleg Duchuchaev.

DV or Dalniy Vostok means Far East that includes East Siberia, Yakutia, and the Pacific Coast.

Kosatka DV organizes and trains people for extreme swims, marathon swimming relays, and other open water swimming adventures with a goal of marine conservationism and environmentalism in Siberia.

Years ago, Duchuchaev organized the 86 km Bering Strait Swim, dubbed The Most Dangerous Crossing In The World, and four other extreme swimming adventures including the 75 km Amur River Swim [shown above], the 160 km Peter the Great Gulf Swim, the 50 km Lake Baikal Relay Eco-Crossing, and the 75 km Russky Round Swim [shown below].

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