Kotlin Race From St. Petersburg To Kronstadt

Kotlin Race From St. Petersburg To Kronstadt

Kotlin Race From St. Petersburg To Kronstadt

Courtesy of WOWSA, Gulf of Finland.

The Kotlin Race or the Swimming Marathon St. Petersburg – Kronstadt is a 25 km marathon swim held in the Gulf of Finland.

The race starts in St. Petersburg and takes the swimmers across Neva Bay.

Under the director of race director Dmitrii Egorov, the Swim Race St. Petersburg – Kronstadt requires each solo or replay swimmer to have an insurance policy and a trainer who must speak either Russian or English.

The race begins from the pier in St. Petersburg after sunrise and ends before sunset when the swimmer reaches the natural point on the coast of Kronstadt (Kotlin Island) or, if not possible to touch the shore due to the weather conditions, swimmers touch their escort boat.

When the race is carried out in group with 3 people maximum in each group and a maximum distance between swimmers of 50 meters. If the distance between the faster swimmers and the slower swimmers exceeds 50m, the faster swimmers must wait for slower ones.

The maximum number of swimmers in the relay portion of the race is four with shift between swimmers every 30 minutes.

Because of rapid currents and strong winds prevail in the Gulf, it is necessary to be able to swim at a speed not lower than 3 km per hour. At a lower speed it will be difficult enough to overcome the 25 km distance by sunset.

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