Kraving For Food While Open Water Swimming To 300

Kraving For Food While Open Water Swimming To 300

Courtesy of Frank Fennema Photography, San Francisco Bay, California.

As the Night Train Swimmers continue to swim all around San Francisco Bay day and night, their provisions are replenished by deliveries via a supply boat during the NT300.

We receive daily deliveries. It is all fantastic. My wife Linda surprises us each day,” explains Captain Vito Bialla.

We are also eating Krave Jerky, Carbo Pro galore, and Ocho Candy, the best in the world.”

Grace van der Byl, Dave Holscher, Kim Chambers, Adam Eilath, Ashley Horne and Vito Bialla continue to munch along as they swim towards their goal of 300 non-stop miles in the San Francisco Bay.

The NT300 can be tracked live here as they are on day #3.

Sea Salt Original is the newest flavor of the Krave Jerky line-up.

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