Kristian O'Donovan Crosses Tampa Bay

Kristian O’Donovan Crosses Tampa Bay

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kristian O’Donovan of Ireland completed a solo Tampa Bay Marathon Swim on March 18th in 11 hours 32 minutes.
John Batchelder and Mighty Mermaids are next up, swimming across Tampa Bay on April 1st. The rest of the swimmers will compete in the 19th Annual 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim on April 22nd:

Soloists: * Patty Hermann, 57-year-old from Houston, Texas, USA
* Dan Fritz, 53-year-old from Chicago, Illinois, USA
* John Batchelder, 36-year-old from Littleton, Colorado, USA [swimming on April 1st]
* Heather Roka, 31-year-old from Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
* Jay Eckert, 30-year-old from Sarasota, Florida, USA

* Mighty Mermaids Relay with Tracy Grilli (60), Nancy Steadman Martin (62), Christie Ciraulo (63), Veronica Hibben (60), Karen Einsidler (61), Jenny Cook (59) [swimming on on April 1st]
* Squid Marks Relay with Dinah Mistilis (42) and Anita Hyde (34)
* SwimGuzzlers Relay with Kevin Curley (58), Glenn Baker (54), David Heffernan (57), Craig Bartlett (59), Peter Gold (45), Tom Welch (57)
* Parcells Paddlers Relay with Marcia Cleveland (52), Scott Lautman (64), Dennis Dressel (65), John Wilbur (71), John Waanders (56)
* Mad Milers Relay with Elizabeth Fry (58), Margaret Gaskill (59), James Clifford (65), Henry Eckstein (69), James Bayles (65)
* Bizarro World Relay with Marcy MacDonald (53), Scott Coleman (62), Gene Sardzinski (61), Thomas Casey (57), Dan Robinson (59M)

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Ron Collins shared the 2017 Tampa Bay Marathon SwimTampa Bay Marathon Swim T-shirt design above that honors David Parcells and Terry Tomalin, two men who passed away too early, both establishing an important legacy on the 24-mile event and in the open water swimming community.

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