Krzysztof Kubiak Swims 3,750 meters In 4.3°C Water

Krzysztof Kubiak Swims 3,750 meters In 4.3°C Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On February 10th 2021, Paul Georgescu set a world ice swimming record by swimming 3.55 km in 4.3°C water, officiated by Petar Stoychev in Complex Sportiv Snagov, Romania and ratified by the International Ice Swimming Association.

On March 28th, Leszek Naziemiec and Tomasz Muc of the Silesia Winter Swimming organized an Ice Mile event in Bystrzyckie Lake, Zagórze, Poland. Krzysztof Kubiak pushed himself – really far in the 4.3°C – 4.5°C water. His extreme swim covered 3,750 meters (2.3 miles) that took him 1 hour 4 minutes 30 seconds. The swim is being reviewed by the International Ice Swimming Association for ratification (see below).

In addition, four other swimmers completed an Ice Mile including Marek Rother in 24 minutes 14 seconds over 1625 meters, Anja Binder in 44 minutes 15 seconds over 1625 meters, Ireneusz Kordylak in 46 minutes 28 seconds over 1625 meters, Vladimir Vokhimov in 37 minutes 33 seconds over 1625 meters in a 250 meter loop course.

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