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Lake Monster Gives Water Temps Across USA provides real-time information on current lake conditions including live video, water temperatures, satellite imagery, weather, and other lake information on lakes across America.

Ryan ErbDillen Erb, and Cole Krehbiel designed to be the single source for all lake-related information and to provide a community page for fishermen and recreational boaters to share experiences, conditions, and to support local businesses. It is also useful for swimmers who wish to know the wind speed and water temperature.

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For the upcoming SCAR Swim Challenge, the 61 entrants have six weeks to go for before their 4-day stage swim at the end of April. Overall race record holder and Catalina Channel record holder Grace van der Byl (13 hours 7 minutes 16 seconds in 2013) and the men’s record holder and defending champion Michael Rice (13 hours 20 minutes in 2021).

The water remains a bit cool with real-time temperatures in Saguaro Lake currently at 51 – 55°F (10.5 – 12.7°C), Canyon Lake currently at 49 – 53°F (9.4 – 11.6 °C), Apache Lake currently at 46-50°F (7.7 – 10°C), and Roosevelt Lake currently at 57 – 61°F (13.8 – 16.1°C). At those temperatures, the advantages most definitely good to the cold-water specialists and Ice Swimmers. It is only a handful of swimmers around the world who can do a 10 x 10 swim – an open water swim that is at least 10 km in distance with an average water temperature of 10°C – and many of them are at SCAR.

2022 SCAR Swim Participants:

  1. Andrew Wallace (New Jersey): marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, winter swimmer
  2. Barry O’Connor (Dublin, Ireland): ice swimmer, winter swimmer, North Channel relay swimmer
  3. Bill Shipp (Maryland): Triple Crowner, marathon swimmer, pioneer swimmer
  4. Blaik Ogle (Tennessee): event director, open water swimming pod organizer, SCAR veteran
  5. Brian Lanahan (South Carolina): marathon swimmer, circumnavigation swimmer, triathlete
  6. Bryan Crane (Arizona): swimming coach
  7. Carol Bauer (Virginia): competitive swimmer
  8. Catherine Breed (California): channel swimmer, marathon swimmer, Monterey Bay record holder
  9. Cathy Harrington (California): pioneer swimmer, SCAR veteran
  10. Courtney Paulk (Virginia): Double Triple Crowner, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  11. Dana Price (Arizona): channel swimmer
  12. Elaine Howley (Massachusetts): Triple Crowner, pioneer swimmer, ice swimmer, channel swimmer, writer
  13. Eric Durban (Washington): channel swimmer
  14. Eric Schall (Pennsylvania): marathon swimmer, winter swimmer, shark attack survivor
  15. Erin Churchill (New Mexico): Ice Miler, ice swimming administrator, winter swimmer, SCAR veteran
  16. Finbarr Hedderman (Cork, Ireland): Ice Miler, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  17. Gina Harden (Florida): SCAR veteran
  18. Grace van der Byl (California): Catalina Channel record holder, SCAR overall record holder, marathon swimmer, escort crew
  19. James Savage (California): Lake Tahoe Triple Crowner, marathon swimmer, Honorary ESPY Award recipient
  20. Jessica Wood (Texas): marathon swimmer
  21. Jordan Iverson (Alaska): masters swimmer
  22. Jorge Cortina (Virginia): masters swimmer
  23. Karen Zemlin (Minnesota): Grand Slammer, marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, record holder, pioneer swimmer
  24. Kris Berglund (California): marathon swimmer, circumnavigation swimmer
  25. Kyle Poland (Ohio): channel swimmer, marathon swimmer, SCAR veteran
  26. Lars Durban (Washington): channel swimmer
  27. Lauren Byron (New Jersey): marathon swimmer
  28. Lauren Hasselquist (Virginia): masters swimmer, marathon swimmer
  29. Leslie Hamilton (New York): marathon swimmer, circumnavigation swimmer
  30. Lura Wilhelm (California): swimming artist
  31. Mark Ochsner (Indiana): marathon swimmer, triathlete
  32. Mark Spratt (Indiana): marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  33. Marnie Whitley (Arizona): SCAR veteran [shown above]
  34. Martha Wood (Massachusetts): Ice Miler, marathon swimmer
  35. Martyn Webster (Switzerland): Triple Crowner
  36. Mason Hopkins (Arizona): competitive swimmer
  37. Melodee Liegl (Wisconsin): pioneer swimmer, marathon swimmer
  38. Michael Reilly (California): swimmer
  39. Michael Rice (Colorado): defending SCAR champion, SCAR male record holder, collegiate swimmer
  40. Michelle Squyer (California): escort kayaker, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  41. Mike Healey (Oregon): race director, Ironman triathlete, open water swimmer
  42. Neil Hailstone (Colorado): channel swimmer, marathon swimmer
  43. Nicholas Grahame (Indiana)
  44. Nicole Cindric (Arizona): distance freestyle, collegiate swimmer
  45. Peter Hayden (California): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  46. Robin Hipolito (California): observer, escort kayaker, marathon swimmer
  47. Sarah Roberts (California): Monterey Bay swimmer
  48. Sarah Taft (New York)
  49. Sidney Russell (California): channel swimmer
  50. Stefan Reinke (Hawaii): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  51. Stephanie Mindlin (Arizona): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  52. Steve Sutton (California): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  53. Steven Munatones (California): blogger
  54. Susie Paul (Arizona): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  55. Sydelle Harrison (California): South End Rowing Club member
  56. Tricia Elmer (Washington): channel swimmer
  57. Troy Dega (Wisconsin): coach and trainer
  58. Van Cornwell (California): Channel swimmer, stage swimmer
  59. Wendy van de Sompele (Washington): Pioneer swimmer, SCAR veteran
  60. William Dichtel (Illinois): USMS All American swimmer
  61. Molly Nance (Nebraska): Marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran

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