Lake Tahoe Advice For The Summer Of 2010

Lake Tahoe Advice For The Summer Of 2010

Karen Rogers, who will attempt one of the most audacious swims in history this July when she tackles the elements, the distance (30 miles) and the numerous Great White Sharks from the Farallon Islands to Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay, developed her love for open water by swimming all over, including a width-wise and a length-wise swim across Lake Tahoe.

For the upcming Lake Tahoe summer season, Karen gave some grea advice to its challengers which will include Mike Miller who has conquered the Maui Channel, Molokai Channel, Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island and the English Channel from his home base in Kailua, Hawaii.

Swimming Tahoe is an amazing experience. The color of the water and the clarity is incredible. I have seen shades of blue in the water that I didn’t even know existed.”

In Tahoe, we have had a very wet and snowy season here. It hasn’t stopped as of late May. This week’s forecast is calling for snow everyday for the next seven days. At this time last year, I was already in the lake training with a water temp of 55°F (12.7°C). Today’s water temperature is 42.6°F (5.8°C). According to biologist at UC Davis, forecasts for Lake Tahoe’ water temperature is expected to be 5°F less at its peak than last year.”

A wetter fall, winter and spring brings afternoon thunderstorms during the summer. The afternoon winds are a big concern for any crossing. Depending on your speed and how long it will take you, just work backwards to figure out your start time because you want to be out of the water 1 pm at the latest. The wind can kick up as early at 11 am.”

If you convince your brain that you can do it, then your body will follow. Dream it and then swim it.”

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