Lake Tahoe Swimming Society Launched

Lake Tahoe Swimming Society Launched

LAKE TAHOE. A group of open water swimming enthusiasts, including Jamie Patrick, Karen Rogers, Rob Laurie, Garrett Harley and Brian Patterson, announced the establishment of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society (LTSS) today.

The Society’s website ( provides detailed information on courses, routes, safety, preparation, weather and local tips. Swimmers can share stories, photos and videos from their swims on Lake Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe Swimming Society was created for the purpose of aiding those who enjoy swimming in Lake Tahoe or plan to swim in Lake Tahoe. For those seeking knowledge to better prepare for swimming in this majestic lake, the Society provides information for those attempting solo crossings by either English Channel rules or adventure swimming,” explained Jamie.

While the English Channel rules do not allow wetsuits, neoprene caps or any aids to buoyancy, heat retention or propulsion, adventure swims may be done with or without the use of aids of any sort (e.g., fins, wetsuits, paddles, technical swimsuit, flotation device, shark cage, protective wear) and can be conducted under any set of rules or course design.

The goal of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society is to provide information with the purpose of aiding those who are interested or are already enjoy swimming in Lake Tahoe, preserving history, creating community, and promoting conservation.

If you elect to do a swim based on traditional marathon swimming rules set out by English Channel swimming community, there are standards that need to be followed in order to be recognized. The rules are posted on the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation website,” said Jamie. “If you plan to do your swim as an adventure swim, there are two rules that must be met: you start and finish at the recognized locations and that you travel under your own power from start to finish. However you choose to swim, the LTSS promotes swimming the lake safely, smartly and respectfully..”

The Society will keep updated records on successful crossings, separately posted for both the more difficult and traditional marathon swims and the adventure swims. “Our desire is to preserve the great tradition of marathon swimming while respecting adventure swimming. We understand that these two types of swims are entirely different, but respect a swimmer’s personal choice. Of course, all crossings are eligible for the LTSS Belt Buckle.

Our goal is to develop a swim-based community that shares the love of swimming. The LTSS will be organizing group swims and activities in the area. It is about respecting one of the greatest bodies of water on the planet. The society is free to join and there will never be a fee to swim in the lake.

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Steven Munatones