Lake Tahoe's Summer Among The Still Water Eight

Lake Tahoe’s Summer Among The Still Water Eight

22 swimmers have already signed up to attempt traditional marathon swims and adventure swims across Lake Tahoe this summer according to the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society.

It is going to be an extraordinarily busy waterway across the 21-mile (35.4 km) lake with water temperatures between 50–58°F (10–14.4°C). The difficulties due to cool water and air temperatures and the high altitude (6,225 ft or 1,897) make it a popular stop on the Still Water Eight global circuit.

The Still Water Eight includes Lake Tahoe, Windemere (England), Lake Zürich (Switzerland), Lake Baikal (Russia), Loch Ness (Scotland), Lake Taupo (New Zealand), Lake Ontario (Canada) and Lake Titicaca (Bolivia–Peru).

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Steven Munatones