Landmarks, Monuments, Memorials Of Open Water Swimmers

Landmarks, Monuments, Memorials Of Open Water Swimmers

Open water swimmers have fascinated and inspired many over the last 140 years. Several landmarks and memorials have been named in their honor.

From ferries to swim meets, from parks to statues, from lecture series to leisure centers, from college institutions to marine buoys, the legacy of many open water swimmers have been commemorated in various ways and forms over the decades.

A small sampling of these memorials include:

As open water swimming historian and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Timothy Johnson says, “I also accompanied members of the Channel Swimming Association to a dedication of a historical time line for Dover in a park near the [English] Channel museum.

Right there with the Romans invasions, the building of the lighthouse and the bombardment during World War II, was the marker for the formation of the Channel Swimming Association.”

For an updated list of landmarks and memorials, visit here.

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