Landmarks Of Lewis

Landmarks Of Lewis

Landmarks for open water swimmers can take all different forms, shapes and sizes.

But some swimmers like Lynne Cox, Colin Hill, Ram Barkai, Ned Denison, Simon Murie, Penny Palfrey and Jen Schumacher regularly travel more than others.

The sights they see and guide off of in the water are incredible in their diversity.

Lewis Pugh provided a list of his most favorite sights during his swims around the world:

1 The North Pole – most northern place in the world
2 Mt Everest – highest mountain in the world
3 The Houses of Parliament, London
4 Big Ben – adjacent to the Houses of Parliament
5 Windsor Castle – residence of HM The Queen
6 The Tower of London – residence of HM the Queen
7 Hampton Court – former residence of King Henry XIII
8 Naeroyfjord – the narrowest fjord in the world in Norway
9 North Cape – most northern point in Europe situated in Norway
10 Cape of Good Hope – most southwestern point of Africa
11 Cape Agulhas – the most southern point in Africa
12 The Maldives Islands – the lowest lying island in the world situated in the Indian Ocean
13 Sognefjord – the longest (unfrozen) fjord in the world situated in Norway
14 Sydney Heads, Australia
15 Sydney Opera House, Australia
16 Robben Island – where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned
17 Deception Island – a sunken volcano in Antarctica
18 English Channel
19 Table Mountain – the main mountain in Cape Town
20 Burj Al Arab (Dubai) – consistently voted the most luxurious hotel in the world
21 Petterman Island – off Antarctica – has a very impressive colony of Adelie Penguins; 22 Monaco Glacier – a simply stunning glacier on the Island of Spitsbergen
23 The Skeleton Coast in Namibia – with the oldest and highest sand dunes in the world
24 Dozens of lighthouses – each as beautiful as the next
25 Lhotse – at 8,500m the 4th highest mountain in the world situated in Nepal
26 Laguna del Diamanté (Diamond Lake) – high in the Andes Mountains in Argentina
27 Verlegenhuken – on the Island of Spitsbergen at 80° north in the Arctic

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