L’aventure de l’eau libre

Courtesy of Swim The Riviera, France.

Loïc Branda, whose story around the open water is told in L’aventure de l’eau libre*, offers open water swimming tours at swimtheriviera.com along the French Riviera. “You can enjoy one open water training session a day in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea surrounded by breathtaking French Riviera sceneries.”

For more information and reservations about these open water swimming holidays, visit here for the French Riviera or here for Martinique.

* L’aventure de l’eau libre is a book by François-Bernard Tremblay that includes stores about open water swimmers like Loïc Branda, Denis Colombe, Christine Cossette, Aurélie Côté, Xavier Desharnais, Michel Dufour, Stéphane Gomez, Éloïse Labrecque, Simon Tobin, and François-Bernard Tremblay.

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