Leahi Camacho Is Taking On The Big Blue

Leahi Camacho Is Taking On The Big Blue

When endurance athletes think of Big Island destination city of Kailua-Kona, images of the Hawaiian Ironman stick out. 2.4 miles of ocean swimming, 180 miles of biking through hot lava fields, and a killer marathon run are what have made Kailua-Kona famous the world over.

But Leahi Camacho just might have the personality, talent, passion, and commitment to make Kailua-Kona known for one other aspect of endurance athletes.

The extroverted 17-year-old is tearing up the local open water swimming circuit and has set her sets on crossing the 26-mile Molokai Channel this summer.

I am now locked in [to swimming the Molokai Channel]. It’s real now. The boat is set. The kayakers are set. We are ready to go. Ka’iwi here I come. Even though I spend hours in the ocean as it is, apparently I can’t get enough.”

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