Legends Of Open Water Gather In The Hall Of Fame

Legends Of Open Water Gather In The Hall Of Fame

On May 9th at the International Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies, America’s Paul Asmuth (shown on left), the most dominant marathon swimmer on the professional circuit in the 1980’s with 7 World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation titles, and England’s venerable Kevin Murphy, King of the Channel with 32 crossings and more than 73 swims over 15 miles, will be deservedly inducted at Honor Swimmers.

In the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies, Australia’s Christopher Guesdon, Penny Palfrey and James Pittar, Russia’s Aleksey Akatyev and Yuri Kudinov, Germany’s Angela Maurer (shown on left), America’s Bill Sadlo Jr. and England’s Reg Brickell Jr. and Ray Brickell will be honored for their contributions and exploits in the marathon swimming world.

In 1963, General Douglas MacArthur wrote the following words that are so appropriate for these amazing individuals whose accomplishments graced the pools and open water the world over,

In these halls of sanctuary
Hallowed with luster of victory
Tablets of fame
Will blaze with each name
And scroll each deathless deed
of water and sea.
While time will repeat
With each sounding beat
Such champions
from our ranks to lead
Will always be

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Steven Munatones