Leonie Beck Wins FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series In Doha

Leonie Beck Wins FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series In Doha

Leonie Beck Wins FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series In Doha

Courtesy of Ahmed Oukda and FINA’s Colin Hill, Doha, Qatar.

Olympic and world champions kicked off the 2020 FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series in the Arabian Gulf in Doha, Qatar today. 53 swimmers including 2016 Olympic gold medalist Sharon van Rouwendaal raced over the 10 km course at Katara Beach in Qatar.

Leonie Beck of Germany who qualified 9th for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics emerged first over the field and her 2020 Olympic rivals including Haley Anderson of the USA, Rachele Bruni of Italy, Lara Grangeon of France, Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil, Kareena Lee of Australia, fellow German teammate Finnia Wunram, and van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands.

Her victory – the first time she has stood on top of an international podium – is one clear indication that the Olympic medals could be earned by any number of women come August 5th in Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo Bay.

Her time of 1 hour 56 minutes 41.1 seconds just barely out-touched second place Ana Marcela Cunha and third place Van Rouwendaal by 0.2 second. Cunha was awarded the silver medal based on the post-race photo finish reviewed by the FINA official.

I am very happy, this is my first international title,” said Beck to the media. “My target was to finish among the top three or four swimmers and I am surprised to win the race. In the final lap, I didn’t know what was happening as I was only focusing to finish the race fast. The temperature of water was fine as the sun was shining. The conditions were good to compete.”

Cunha swam very well given that she had taken time off after a busy 2019 when she was named FINA Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year. “I’m feeling really good, it’s only five weeks after my break, so I start again the year, and it’s an Olympic year. Out of the 10 fastest girls, eight are racing here, so it was a good practice for the Games.”

The Dutch Olympic champion took the lead for most of the 5-loop race, “I told my coaches that I wanted to do a hard race and if I felt good, then I’d take the lead and push it. After one lap, I was leading, although not working too hard. After 6 km, I tried to push the pace and break up the pack a little, but a lot of swimmers stayed with me. It’s hard when there are lots of swimmers on the finish sprint, but I felt good with my pacing throughout the race.”

Top 6 Results:
1. Leonie Beck (Germany) 1 hour 56 minutes 41.1 seconds
2. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 1 hour 56 minutes 41.3 seconds
3. Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands) 1 hour 56 minutes 41.3 seconds
4. Arianna Bridi (Italy) 1 hour 56 minutes 42.4 seconds
5. Haley Anderson (USA) 1:56:42.9
6. Rachele Bruni (Italy) 1:56:43.9
7. Kareena Lee (Australia) 1:56:43.9
8. Samantha Arevalo (Ecuador) 1:56:45.3
9. Lea Boy (Germany) 1:56:46.1
10. Alice Dearing (Great Britain) 1:56:47.5
11. Finnia Wunram (Germany) 1:56:50.2
12. Oceane Maryse Jeannie Cassignol (France) 1:56:52.2
13. Barbara Pozzobon (Italy) 1:56:55.7
14. Danielle Huskisson (Great Britain) 1:56:57.2
15. Lara Grangeon (France) 1:57:16.3
16. Paula Ruiz Bravo (Spain) 1:57:17.3
17. Anna Olasz (Hungary) 1:57:19.7
18. Jeannette Spiwok (Germany) 1:57:20.5
19. Onon Katalin Somenek (Hungary) 1:57:21.10
20. Angelica Andre (Portugal) 1:57:22.8
21. Yumi Kida (Japan) 1:57:26.6
22. Alena Benesova (Czech Republic) 1:57:45.7
23. Madisyn Armstrong (Australia) 1:57:50.6
24. Hannah Moore (USA) 1:58:28.4
25. Reka Rohacs (Hungary) 1:58:30.5
26. Mafalda Rosa (Portugal) 1:58:30.8
27. Caroline Laure Jouisse (France) 1:58:50.4
28. Bianca Crisp (Australia) 1:59:12.5
29. Maria De Valdes (Spain) 1:59:12.9
30. Maria Bramont-Arias (Peru) 1:59:19.9
31. Cecilia Biagioli (Argentina) 1:59:23.3
32. Luca Vas (Hungary) 2:01:20.9
33. Minami Niikura (Japan) 2:01:44.4
34. Spela Perse (Slovenia) 2:02:31.5
35. Chloe Gubecka (Australia) 2:02:33.7
36. Maria Claro Martinez (Spain) 2:02:35.4
37. Mira Szimcsak (Hungary) 2:02:36.2
38. Yumi Tou (Japan) 2:03:24.2
39. Hayley Like (USA) 2:03:28.4
40. Runa Kasahara (Japan) 2:03:30.9
41. Li-Shan Chantal Liew (Singapore) 2:03:31.3
42. Silvia Ciccarella (Italy) 2:03:31.6
43. Maria Vilas (Spain) 2:06:52.0
44. Krystyna Panchishko (Ukraine) 2:07:16.9
45. Ellen Olsson (Sweden) 2:07:21.8
46. Celia Heurtaux (France) 2:07:28.1
47. Yuen Koike (Japan) 2:07:38.7
48. Vasiliki Kadoglu (Bulgaria) 2:07:41.9
49. Petra Mijic (Croatia) 2:09:14.8
50. Mia Yamamoto (Japan) 2:10:14.00
51. Hitomi Okamura (Japan) 2:11:12.5
52. Lucie Zublikova (Czech Republic) 2:11:44.5
53. Leona Coha (Croatia) 2:12:59.3

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