Leszek Naziemiec Crosses Lake Titicaca

Leszek Naziemiec Crosses Lake Titicaca

Courtesy of Leszek Naziemiec, Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Leszek Naziemiec is a Polish artist [see above], ice swimmerwinter swimmerIce IronmanIronman triathlete and the event director of the Polish Championships in Winter Swimming 1 km IISA. This January, he traveled to Peru to swim an unprecedented 10.5 high-altitude swim across Lake Titicaca.

He started on Taquile, an island on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca about 3,812 meters (12,507 feet) in altitude. He finished in Llanchon in Peru on the mainland with the water at 14.8°C on January 3rd 2020 . “I had only 5 days of acclimatization, so it was a very difficult swim for me.”

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