Let's Get This Done, Stephen Redmond

Let’s Get This Done, Stephen Redmond

Stephen Redmond jumped off his escort boat piloted by Captain Mizushima and swam to his start point at 2:36 am under the fortuitous splattering of shooting stars across the Japanese night.

Redmond is on his third attempt across the Tsugaru Channel. Only 6 hours after the successful 15 hour 55 minutes crossing by Oceans Seven compatriot Darren Miller, Redmond is facing completely different water conditions.  Smooth as cleanly shaven legs, Redmond is stroking along at 58 strokes per minute and took less than a 5-second break for his first feed.

“Let’s get this done,” encouraged Redmond to his team. “Just jump in, swim across and walk out.”

Sunrise is expected around 4 am.  But Redmond won’t be looking back. Nor will he be looking forward. “I have a job to do and I have to get it done.  I am not thinking what I will do in the future, nor what I did before. Just thinking about what I must get done today, here and now.”

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Steven Munatones