Lewis Pugh, Achieving The Impossible

Lewis Pugh, Achieving The Impossible

Simon & Schuster will release Lewis Pugh‘s fascinating new book, Achieving the Impossible A Fearless Leader. A Fragile Earth on May 4th in London.

The title of the 352-page hardcover book truly sums up Lewis‘ life and accomplishments. A former Special Air Service soldier who is called a Human Polar Bear, Lewis has swum long distance under traditional English Channel rules in all five oceans of the world (achieving the Five Oceans concept).

But instead of merely swimming for swimming’s sake, Lewis has colorfully, publicly and professionally achieved his goals as he has help generate global awareness of climate change. In 2006, he became the first person to swim the length of the River Thames from source to sea. In 2007, he swam in the North Pole which he describes in the video below.

His ability to raise his body temperature at will is one form of protection that Lewis has developed over time, enabling him to swim in some of the world’s most hostile waters. Simon & Schuster describes Lewis as “redefining what it is possible to achieve in terms of endurance.”

From his grueling SAS training, coupled with spell-binding stories of action and adventure and topped off with first-person explanations of the danger and risks of his pioneering, nail-biting endurance swims, the book is hard to put down, especially for endurance athletes and swimmers.

The timing of the Achieving the Impossible could not be better with Lewis scheduled to climb to 17,000 feet on Mount Everest and attempt his most difficult and dangerous swim to date – a mile swim in a glacial lake on the highest mountain on earth.

Inspiring, entertaining and thrilling. A must-buy for those who seek to do the impossible or for those who simply enjoy reading about those who do.

Listen to Lewis describe one of his exploits here:

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