Lewis Pugh On Staying Positive And Stepping Up

Lewis Pugh On Staying Positive And Stepping Up

DURBAN, South Africa. Environmental campaigner Lewis Pugh gave a speech in Durban, South Africa this evening, the day before the opening of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Leaders from different faiths and world leaders heard Lewis speak about the fight against climate change, ending with the following plea:

The right to have our environment protected for the benefit of our generation and the benefit of future generations is our most crucial human right. I do not say that lightly – especially given South Africa’s past. But unless we have a sustainable environment – we simply will not survive.

So I say to every delegate from every country here today: Welcome to South Africa. This is a country where miracles have happened! We saw one here in 1994 – when the new South Africa was created. Nothing is impossible in Africa.

So please : leave any doubt, which you may have, at home! Come to Africa with your hopes. Come to Africa with your dreams. And come to Africa with your sleeves rolled up. We have a big job ahead of us.

And whatever happens this next week, we must remain positive. We cannot afford the luxury of cynicism or even pessimism in our reaction to climate change. The situation is too serious. We must tackle it head on – and immediately.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me end off by just saying this: Sometimes it falls upon a generation to step up. We, all of us gathered here today, must be that generation. We want peace here in Africa, and across the world.

We have a unique opportunity next week: To make COP17 a landmark moment in human history. We must grab that opportunity, with both hands.

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