Life Has Risks - Pilar Geijo Takes Them

Life Has Risks – Pilar Geijo Takes Them

25-year-old Pilar Geijo of Argentina took a big chance today in lac Mempremagog at the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix – and it paid off handsomely.

I decided to go with the top men,” explained Pilar.

When the men started to pick up their pace before the second half of the race, they created a major separation from the rest of the field, including the top women. “It was a big risk because I could lose the men, but I continued alone. I could have slowed down and swim with the women or I could swim alone. But life has risks.”

[Staying with the men] cost me a lot,” recalled Pilar who had to swim by herself for much for the swim while nearly everyone else swam with others. “But I am very happy and it was the first time that I swam alone for such a long time. When I finished, I had a big smile. I was very tired, but it is important [for the fans] to see us finish with a smile.”

She certainly trains hard enough to stay with the men, take risks and finish with a smile. Pilar swims twice a day doing 15,000 meters per day with additional dryland training three times per week.

This is my second year on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix. I enjoy swimming on the circuit to earn money, but I also want to participate on the 10K World Cup circuit because of the Olympics.”

We have a strong feeling we will see more of Pilar smiling at the end of her races.

1. Pilar Geijo (ARG), 7:53.36
2. Antonella Bogarin (ARG), 8:04.24
3. Esther Nunez Morera (ESP), 8:04.34
4. Shelley Clark (AUS), 8:13.50
5. Joanie Guillemette-Simard (CAN), 8:15.31
6. Marianela Mendoza (ARG), 8:49.54
7. Noelia Petti (ARG), 9:04.55
8. Aurélie Côté (CAN), 9:13.11
9. Rita Vanessa (ARG), 9:13.21
Heidi George, DNF

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