Life Is An Adventure, So Swim It

Life Is An Adventure, So Swim It

Some people thrive under conformity and strict rules of engagement. Others prefer an environment of self-discovery and the unexpected where there are fewer traditions, rules and boundaries. In the open water swimming world, the crossing of the English Channel as achieved by Captain Matthew Webb in 1875 set forth the rules of engagement for future English Channel swimmers.

But throughout history, there have always been aquatic adventurers who have tried a variety of means to get from one point to another in the open water.

For those individuals, adventure swimming is their chosen means to blaze new trails in the aquatic world. For them, the road to self-discovery and adventure is purely personal and entirely individual. They spend their time, money and energies chasing their dreams. It is their journey to achieve as they see fit, whether performed within or outside the traditional rules of engagement.

Yesterday, Jamie Patrick announced a contest to win US$500 plus all kinds of swim gear. “Individuals can submit their dream swim and receive a chance to win $500 to help pay for it. There is no catch, just money to help them live their adventure.” Within hours, 17 adventurers submitted their dream swims for consideration. Click here to learn more.

Do you want to swim the English Channel, learn to swim, or swim somewhere no one has every swam before? Do you want to set a record or swim with dolphins in the wild? It is your adventure; create it,” explained Jamie Patrick. Entries are due November 7th and the winner will be announced November 11th.

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Steven Munatones