Life Is An Open Water Swim

Life Is An Open Water Swim

We hit oncoming currents, waves and marine life en route. The unexpected happens and navigating one’s course in life is not always straightforward, simple or what it first appears to be.

When we stand on shore and gaze forward towards the horizon, sometimes we do not know – or cannot imagine – how we will get to the other side. But with the right mind frame, proper preparations, and support team (family, friends or co-workers and crew), we often achieve our dreams.

Occasionally, we have to be pulled from the water for various reasons. In those situations, we have to inevitably face our own limitations or circumstances beyond our control. Some of us dive right back in and continue forward. Other times or other people may chose another course or venue.

Life is a marathon where conditions and circumstances constantly change. We occasionally swim in the dark, sometimes with sharks or, hopefully, under rainbows majestically glistening above. Life is a journey we take ourselves, but with others at our left and on our right. There are others ahead of us and there will be others swimming after us.

But when we reach the other shore, we beam with confidence and pride, often shared with our crew (family and friends). Our achievements are both a profound source of shared camaraderie with those around us and an external demonstration of our talents, dedication and efforts.

While we can equate life to a 200-meter breaststroke, a water polo game or a 3-meter dive, the similarities between, and the analogies to, life and open water swimming are easy to see.

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Steven Munatones