A Lifetime In The Channel Is A Marathon

A Lifetime In The Channel Is A Marathon

As the New Year is approaching, it is a time to both look forward and look back.

The 37 lifetime members of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation (see below) are individuals committed to helping achieve dreams of others in the San Pedro Channel. They are constantly looking forward and looking back. Figuratively, they know well the history of channel swimming, from George Young in 1927 to the several dozens of attempts of recent years.

Literally, they nearly always find themselves in the water, on a kayak or in an escort boat, during training and during solo swims and relays looking forward towards their goal and looking back at where they started.

1. Linda Bamford
2. Herbert Barthels
3. Jane Cairns
4. Bill Chrisman
5. David Clark
6. Margaret Clark
7. Anne Cleveland
8. Penny Lee Dean
9. Ray Falk
10. George Harris
11. Barbara Held
12. John Hill
13. Bill Hoehn
14. Peter Huisveld
15. Becky Jackman-Beeler
16. Stanley Leventhal
17. Marc Lewis
18. Michelle Macy
19. Jim McConica
20. Tina Neill
21. Jim Neitz
22. Forrest Nelson
23. Will Newbern
24. Nick Olmos-Lau
25. Dale Petranech
26. John Pittman
27. Frank Reynolds
28. Dan Richards
29. Scott Richards
30. Claudia Rose
31. Carol Sing
32. Dorothy Thomas-Reid
33. Donald Van Cleve
34. Noel Wells
35. Robert West
36. John York
37. David Yudovin

The 37 lifetime members of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation are ambassadors of the sport of marathon swimming, each establishing a legacy for generations to come.

Photo by Skip Storch shows David Clark, John York, Penny Dean, Nora Toledano, Dale Petranech, Anne Cleveland and Paula Selby in New York City for the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation induction ceremonies at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame held at the United Nations.

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