Like Father, Like Daughter In The Maui Channel Swim

Like Father, Like Daughter In The Maui Channel Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Eney Jones is returning again to the annual 9.6-mile Maui Channel Swim between the Hawaiian islands of Lanai and Maui.

First started in 1972, the race is now in its 45th year.

It’s in my blood. My father Bumpy Jones finished first in the first year of the race. My cousin, Bill Goding, finished on the top team in the second year and swam many other solo crossings himself,” says Eney.

Ian Emberson, who has been at the helm for decades as its race director, posted the first decade of winners when mainland USA teams and local Hawaiian team split the awards podium 50-50% with the mainland winning 5 races and the locals winning 5.

1972: San Francisco (Bob Roper, Frank Blair, Lew Cook, Bumpy Jones, Sam Montgomery, Denis Rice) in 3 hours 37 minutes

1973: Hawaii (Marc Finley, Dave Baker, Bill Goding, Scott Harvey, Harry Huffaker, Don Willard) in 3 hous 50 minutes

1974: The Sanfranciscans (Alex Shestakov, Joel Wilson, Rich Glass, Bob Roper, Carl Yates, Denis Rice) in 3 hours 36 minutes

1975: Waikiki Swim Club (Gary Niemeyer, Bob Rocheleau, Art Thomson, Bruce Clark, Dave Baker, Doug Rice) in 5 hours 12 minutes

1976: Waikiki Swim Club (Doug Rice, Art Thomson, Bob Rocheleau, Richard Merritt, Gary Niemeyer, Nancy Ryan) in 3 hours 17 minutes

1977: Waikiki Swim Club (Doug Rice, John Atkinson, Richard Merritt, Art Thomson, Bob Rocheleau, Gary Niemeyer) in 3 hours 33 minutes

1978: Olympic Club (Leland Faust, Ed King, Mike Garibaldi, Thomson Mann, Tom McCarty, John McNellis) in 4 hours 12 minutes

1979: Dolphin Club San Francisco (Paul Watts, Dave Scott, Dave Gray, Hugh Winn, Bill Van Horn, Mike Garibaldi) in 3 hours 26 minutes

1980: Olympic Club (John Griffith, John Osterloh, Ed King, Leland Faust, Bill Barthold, Ed Rudloff) no time recorded

1981: Waikiki Swim Club (Doug Rice, Jimmy Dean, Steve Bobko, Mark Cunningham, Jonathan Ezer, Mike Trudeau) in 3 hours 29 minutes

Photo shows Eney Jones running to the onshore finish on Kaanapali on Maui of the 41st annual Maui Channel Swim as anchor of the Dam Fast Dam Fine relay team of the Dallas Aquatic Masters team, finishing first in the women’s division of the 9.6-mile Maui Channel Swim in 3 hours 23 minutes.

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