Linda Ashmore Wears A Watch For A Reason

Linda Ashmore Wears A Watch For A Reason

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Linda Ashmore wears a watch for a reason: how else can you keep track of all her accomplishments in the open water, across the English Channel, on her bicycle, and running through lava fields in Kona, Hawaii?

The 74-year-old British breast cancer survivor and Guinness World Record holder is an accomplished marathon runner, trail ultrarunner, triathlete, marathon swimmer, channel swimmer is a mother of three children and a grandmother of eight who keeps on going and going and going, whether it is competing in The Oner, a 24 hour 133.t km ultra marathon run along the Jurassic Coast or training to qualify for four triathlon disciplines: sprint triathlons, Olympic distance triathlons, and the Hawaiian Ironman. 

  • Ashmore became the one of the oldest to swim 33.5 km across the English Channel in 15 hours 11 minutes at the age of 60 years 302 days in 2007.
  • In 2008, she finished 13th in the the 26.4 km Sri Chinmoy Marathon Swim from Rapperswil to Zurich in Lake Zurich, Switzerland in 9 hours 55 minutes at the age of 61.
  • At the age of 71 years and 305 days, she became the oldest woman to swim the English Channel in 2018. She completed the swim in 16 hours 22 minutes and raised over £4000 for Cancer Research UK.
  • She finished 3rd in the 70-74 division at the 2015 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.
  • She finished 2nd in the 70-74 division at the 2016 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.
  • She won the 70-74 division at the 2017 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 13 hours 42 minutes 50 seconds at the age of 71.

For more details of her multifaceted prolific endurance sports career, visit her website: or an Instagram at @linda.e.ashmore or listen to her on a podcast with Alan Rose from Just Racing here.

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