Linsy Heister Wins First Gold In World Championship

Linsy Heister Wins First Gold In World Championship

Linsy Heister of the Netherlands crossed the 25K finish at today’s world championships, breaking down in sheer joy after a dominant victory.

Linsy, winning her first world championship, swam fairly even splits during her 5:52:13.06 swim over silver medalist Margarita Dominguez of Spain:

2.5K – 36:07.120
5K – 35:54
7.5K – 36:06
10K – 34:15
12.5K – 35:07
15K – 36:06
17.5K – 35:47
20K – 33:13
22.5K – 34:05
25K – 25:31 (faster time due to the shorter leg due to the position of the finish)

Linsy, who has always been in the top echelon in the sport, but who has never won a world championship before, said after the race, “I had no idea that I was so far ahead. I was just swimming hard. When I finished and looked behind me [at the other competitors], I felt so happy to win.

After I touched, it was a great feeling

The final results of the finishers are as follows:

1. HEISTER Linsy (NED), 5:52:13.06
2. DOMINGUEZ CABEZAS Margarita (ESP), 5:55:59.29
3. BARROT Celia (FRA), 5:57:02.87
4. ANDERSON Haley (USA), 6:00:15.23
5. UVAROVA Anna (RUS), 6:00:21.89
6. HANSON Emily (USA), 6:03:15.75
7. POPOVA Kseniya (RUS), 6:06:25.02
8. GUILLEMETTE SIMARD Joannie (CAN), 6:23:05.36
9. BOGARIN Antonella (ARG), 6:41:51.11

Video of awards ceremonies by Shelley Taylor-Smith.

Upper photo by Dr. Jim Miller. Lower photo by Steeve Tremblay.

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