Listen To Your Doctors

Listen To Your Doctors

Open water swimmers understand that their sport is a physical and psychological experience. The water may be cold or warm; it may be rough and wavy. Swimmers may encounter jellyfish or currents. And experienced swimmers know that they should expect the unexpected at any time during their swims, whether it is during training or in a solo swim, relay or race.

Under those conditions, positive thoughts and a belief in oneself are elements of success.

And a group of coaches in Spain have summed up that perspective in their company name and training methodology: All In Your Mind©.

Roberto Cejuela Ph.D. and Jonathan Esteve Ph.D. run a scientifically-based School of Runners and Triathletes and the Children Triathlon School at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and Universidad de Alicante.

Their training camp focus on athletes who want to focus on maximizing performance and those who prefer a more laid-back combination of training and recreation in Alicante, one of the most popular areas in Spain where athletes can enjoy the beaches and its leisure-time activities. They offer cycling routes with guides, physiological testing, running and swimming technique assessment.

The All In Your Mind© program is scientifically-based where the athletes generates research data to further the program. These advances are published both in scientific journals and sports magazines.

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Steven Munatones