Steven Muñatones is an American water polo player and competitive pool and open water swimmer from Huntington Beach, California who has spent his life in the open water as an athlete, coach, administrator, writer, race director, kayaker, paddler, official, observer, author, lifeguard, reporter, Olympic commentator, aquapreneur, and adviser in the the sport of open water swimming.

In addition to founding the World Open Water Swimming Association, Daily News of Open Water Swimming, Oceans Seven, WOWSA Awards and Openwaterpedia, he founded KAATSU Global and KAATSU Research Foundation and serves as an ambassador for the American Heart Association. He has written 19,921 articles on open water swimming, water polo and KAATSU.

Advisory Roles

Aquatic Career

In addition to a decade of playing water polo including a member of the USA Water Polo Junior Development Team and the All-East Team at 2 National Sports Festivals, Munatones has completed several open water swim including:

Coaching Experience

Writing Career


Guinness World Records

He established a partnership between the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) and the Guinness World Records (GWR) where WOWSA serves as GWR’s advisor on open water swimming records and information regarding the sport. WOWSA and GWR support the open water swimming community to verify and celebrate the most significant superlative achievements in this wide-ranging series of open water disciplines.

Films and Television

Bruckner Chase, also known as Uila O Le Sami in American Samoa, is an environmentalist, adventure swimmer, ocean advocate, marathon swimmer, coach, speaker and writer who works closely with his wife Michelle Evans-Chase on a number of ocean awareness initiatives. He founded Ocean City Swim Club where he collaborates with his wife and fellow ocean swimmer Michelle Evans-Chase

Chase holds a degree in Exercise Science from Rice University and has been a personal trainer and swim coach at the age group, high school and Masters levels. As an ocean lifeguard swim instructor, he works with South Jersey beach patrols as well as Coast Guard rescue swimmers.

In an effort to raise the Ocean Consciousness of the Ocean City community, Chase and his wife Michelle founded the Ocean City Swim Club to create opportunities for others to discover a place in the ocean while at the same time gaining an understanding of how our lives on land are intimately connected to the seas.

In three decades of endurance pursuits, Chase has competed as a professional triathlete and an ultra-distance runner even finishing the Vermont 100 mile endurance run in 1998.

More recently, Chase has redirected his endurance pursuits to the ocean as a waterman and marathon swimmer and started an innovative educational program in American Samoa. As committed as he is to discovering his own potential in the water, Chase is more passionate about raising awareness of the impact we all have on the oceans. Through endurance pursuits, writing and speaking Bruckner is committed to Changing How We Feel and Think About the Oceans. He was nominated for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year and also helped the organization of the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece where he continues to support and introduce open water swimming to intellectually disabled individuals.

Shelley Taylor-Smith is an Australian pool and open water swimmer from Western Australia.

“Shelley’s passion for life is as intense as her passion for swimming.” – Laurie Lawrence

As a young girl Shelley had a dream – to be like her role model Shane Gould and win a gold medal. Despite most of her school years in a back brace and spending three months in traction with partial paralysis when only 24 years old, Shelley never let go of her dream. Her coach told her “Do you know, you have the potential to be a World Marathon Swimming Champion?”

Shelley took up marathon swimming because it didn’t require her to make those back-bending tumble turns and has since achieved what no other woman has in sport.

In 1998 Shelley was told she had six months to live. While swimming in polluted water she had picked up deadly parasites and giardia. The infections had manifested as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and she was warned that if she continued to push herself her system would completely fail and she would die. Six months later Shelley won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim for a record fifth time and only then did she decide to retire from representing Australia.

Shelley’s ‘winner’s attitude’ and her motto: “If you don’t quit – you will make it” translates into her everyday life and now she empowers others by sharing with them her greatest asset – The Champion Mindset – training our leaders of tomorrow to think and be Champions today!

Shelley is as dedicated out of the water as she is in it. Her charity work includes: Vice Patron of Life Education NSW and her 2 favourite youth charities – the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Youth Off the Streets – to which she donates ALL profits from sales of her books.

Shelley teaches first-hand her passion for open water swimming and can turn your love-hate relationship around so you too will be the Master of your next Open water swimming competition. She provides:

Quinn Fitzgerald is an American competitive swimmer and open water swimmer from California. He represents Yale University and the Olympic Club of San Francisco in California and serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at FINIS.
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