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The Clock Is Ticking Swim

The sun rises over the pine trees on the east end of Long Pond just before opening ceremonies begin. This provides a reminder to all entrants of the beauty of God's creation. The perimeter of Long Pond is dotted with homes and many of these homeowners watch the swim from their docks.This event is about more than a swim. Our mission is to provide an

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S.C.A.R. Swim

A well established stepping stone to completing channel swims around the world starting with the English Channel, Catalina Channel, or around Manhattan Island.

SCAR is for experienced swimmers and crew wanting to push their boundaries - day after day.

It can be sunny and calm or very cold and windy.

It's why we

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SwimTrek Swimming Holidays

Award winning swimming adventure holidays. Whether you are looking at taking those first strokes in the outdoors or you are an experienced open water swimmer, we have the right trip for you. It’s also a great way to see a new location or revisit an old one. SwimTrek provides tours to over 50 destinations so your certain to find a trip that suits you.

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Open Water Argentina (OWA)

Open Water Argentina , is the largest Open Water Swimming Circuit in the country, intended for all lovers of this sport who want to enjoy each event with full safety and respecting the environment. At OWA , we strive every day to offer our participants the best challenges, inviting them to overcome themselves. Mission Inspire all people, that, with

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The Authentic Marathon Swim

According to the written works of Ancient Historians, Skyllias and his daughter Hydna, were the very first “marathon swimmers” to ever be acknowledged globally. The story of Skyllias and Hydna describes that after several admirable diving achievements the two historical figures were arrested in 480 B.C. by Persians that wanted to use the pair of proficient

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Lake Geneva Swimming Association

The Lake Geneva Swimming Association (LGSA) is recognised by swimmers worldwide for its ability to facilitate and adjudicate attempts by its members to swim along the length of Lake Geneva in its entirety (the Signature swim) under the rules of the LGSA, in accordance with the principals and spirit of open water marathon swimming, as established, recognised

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Zsports Events SA

Zsports Events SA is a dynamic company which specialises in the production and management of sporting events for the whole community. At Zsports we are committed to delivering high calibre entertaining sporting events as well as creating high value experiences for our participants and spectators alike whilst promoting healthy lifestyle and physical

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American Swimming Association

The American Swimming Association provides programs and services to the swimming community, sanctions swimming competitions, serves as advocates for competitive swimmers, and promotes the sport of competitive swimming and open water swimming. It was founded by Keith Bell and is managed by Keith Bell and Sandy Neilson. It is one of the largest open water swim

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International Ice Swimming Association (IISA)

The International Ice Swimming Association (or the IISA) is an extreme swimming governing body that was founded by Ram Barkai to conduct and govern extreme cold-water and ice swimming events (ice miles) where the maximum water temperature is 41°F (5°C) and wetsuits are not allowed. It was selected as the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the

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False Bay Swimming Association

The False Bay Swimming Association (“FBSA” ) was founded on the 1stMay 2019 by Sam Whelpton and Ram Barkai. The First board was formed to establish the association, with its aim to promote, organise, regulate and record swims across the bay. All official recorded swims, prior to the 1stMay 2019, will be recognised by the FBSA. All future swims across

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