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Four incredible challenges in Brazil

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WHERE Ilha Grande is located in Brazil in the state of Rio de Janeiro in the city of Angra dos Reis. Ilha Grande is recognized by UNESCO as a Natural and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. An idyllic place, with its charm and natural beauty like few in the world. BISA BISA, Big Island Swimming Association, was formed in 2020 and aimed at providing open water swimmers with all the logistical support necessary to overcome the challenges the place offers safely.Founded by Renato Ribeiro, a former experienced coach in major world associations such as Strait of Gibralter Swimming Association, North Channel Swimming Association, Channel Swimming Association and Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, BISA brings in its DNA the search for safety and excellence in the reception of athletes. CHALLENGES Each challenge will have its particularity and its level of difficulty not only for beginners in ultramarathon but also for athletes with extensive experience in oceanic challenges.Swimmers can choose between 16 km, 37 km, and 48 km courses or even the complete tour around the island, with 85 km.The endurance swimming practices are scheduled and can be held solo or in relay mode, but all of them without neoprene. ESCORT BOATS The escort boats have recent navigation technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to provide a lifetime experience for all the participants.



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