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Bodenseequerung / Crossing Lake Constance

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The Bodenseequerung / Lake Constance Crossing is a supported, accompanied one swimmer event, like the channel crossings. The season starts in May and ends for “normal” swimmer, who likes not to cold water temperature, at the last days of September. But it it would be not the first time, that we accompany swimmer earlier as in May and later as in October.

There are three courses, you can choose. The shortest swim is the width crossing of the Lake Constance with a distance of around 12 km. The second distance, which we accompany, is the Three Country Crossing in the south of the lake. It starts in Germany near the city of Lindau. Next point is Rorschach in Switzerland (it’s around 15 km away) and the target is Bregenz in Austria (additional around 19 km). So the total distance will be around 34 km. The longest swim trip is the length crossing with a distance of around 64 km. It starts in the north of the Lake Constance, in Bodman / Germany and ends in Bregenz / Austria. Only three swimmers of 19 starts have finished this race already successful.

We are glad to welcome swimmers from around the world and represent our website translated into seven languages. Our forms are only in German Language (please use the Google-Translator, or something similar), because the laws in the German spoken countries around the lake are very strict and do not condone translation errors. If you need support, please contact us via email, in German or English.