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In the late 1960s, Peter Bales and two friends formed the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association (CLDSA) The association was formed to officiate and record Robben Island swims. Peter Bales has officiated hundreds of swims since then, as have Tony Scalabrino and Barry Cutler and Alon Kowen, who have navigated the shortest and safest passage to land for hundreds of Table Bay swimmers.

In addition to the iconic Robben Island crossing swim, the list of official CLDSA swims has rapidly expanded to include the Cape Point swim, False Bay crossing, the Atlantic seaboard and even up the West Coast. The expansion of new swim routes is parallel to the rapid growth and development of the sport of open water swimming in Cape Town, South Africa and internationally.

The CLDSA exist for the benefit of its members and are connected by our love of open water swimming and in particular long distance sea swimming.

Our purpose is to:

1. Facilitate, celebrate and act as the custodian of your long distance swimming achievement

2. Develop an inclusive open-water swimming community.

Our objectives are to:

1. Regulate, Authenticate and record-keep long-distance swims in the Western Cape

2. Recognise and celebrate the achievements of our members

3. Highlight Cape Town as an open-water swimming destination

4. Act as an information resource for long-distance, open-water swimming in the Western Cape

5. Network with local and international open-water swimming organisations

6. Promote and encourage long-distance, open-water swimming in general

7. Encourage transformation within the open water swimming community

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