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Discover the Crown of the Great Masurian Lakes – a unique initiative for enthusiasts of swimming and the beauty of the Masuria Land.

We are an organization that actively works to ensure a permanent place and safety for swimmers on the picturesque lakes of the Warmian-Masurian region.

As swimmers, we often feel discriminated against in open water, where motorboat traffic dominates. Our mission is to draw attention to the need to educate boats drivers about the presence of swimmers. That is why we organize an elite series of six swimming trips through the beautiful lakes of Masuria Land.

Our swimming challenges are not only a test of fitness, courage and determination, but also an appeal to the community, media and authorities. We want swimmers to be treated as full lakes users, having equal access to its charms and using them in a safe way.

Swimming across the Crown of the Great Masurian Lakes is not only a spectacular sporting event, but also an opportunity to promote this beautiful region. Masuria and the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship offer countless wonders of nature, immersed in the picturesque landscapes of lakes, forests and hills. We want our activities to contribute to increasing awareness of this beautiful place, both in Poland and abroad.

Join us and together let’s create a community that promotes the harmonious use of Masuria and encourages mutual respect between swimmers and the oether water users. Through our efforts and commitment, we want to convince the media to undertake extensive education on water safety and the role of swimmers in this context.

Crown of the Great Masurian Lakes – let’s discover the beauty of Masuria Land together and support swimmers in their passion. Join our mission and see how our activities change the community and promote the extraordinary heritage of Masuria.

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